Oh! Cupcakes is a company who offers unique cupcakes to their customers. The main idea is that every customer can make his own product on this website, besides that they can order the best cupcakes in the city.

This one page layout design shows a cake website with an order form. While I was choosing cupcakes, I decided to make the site colorful and with fun content, such as the copywritе which is also my idea. At the beginning of the site I put the three most important questions into consideration that visitors would ask – Can you gain weight from these sweet cakes, Is it enough healthy and of course, what is the cost.

I’ve also added preview of the most famous cupcakes from the company with their titles and prices. Regarding the contact form, I’ve illustrated a cupcake that every visitor can choose what their cupcake would look like and taste. The footer is a fast message to the cupcakes company, so if the visitor would like to ask them something, they can do it fast and easy. The idea of the project is to be helpful, cool, modern and tasty.