“Amarcord” (translated from the Romagnolo dialect – I remember), is the debut book of poetry by Alexandrina Valenti. The design of the content, the cover and the illustrations in the book are the work of the author. The poetic body is divided into three cycles – The waves / The hours / The doors, and each of them reflects different roads in life. The verses are focused on the past, with its ghosts and unfulfilled desires, and the future is the world without borders.

The book of poetry leads through different locations – the dome of the Duomo, Milan, Venice, Rome, nightclubs, hotel room, and lodging. Rich in images and metaphors, the poems of Alexandrina Valenti stand out with the density of language and precisely selected stylistic devices. Her first book is populated with shadows from the past, but also with the living moment of the present, as well as with the bright anticipation of the future.

The video dedicated to the book “Amarcord” is based on ideas by Alexandrina Valenti and was shot in the author’s hometown – Varna, Bulgaria. The place where you are most strongly embraced by the waves. The minimalist sequences saturate the air with metaphors which suggest the spirit of the book.